x500 – The core components

Here is a quick rundown with some gratuitous pictures of some of the main components i am using, they could change depending if i find something better or more suitable.

1) The processor, an Intel Haswell I7-4770S
The processor seems ideal a few sites i checked mentioned that the lower power consumption S model still had decent performance compared to the stock model while only being 65TDP as opposed to 80+ i believe if required the T model chips can use even less power but i wont worry about that any time soon.

2) The Motherboard, an MSI Z97I
Checking other users reviews of this board seemed a good idea, everything looks nice and feature full with good power consumption just like the CPU, the only issue i may have is the placing of the 24pin power connector where my picoPSU will be connecting, its rather close to the right side of the X500, hopefully once fully assembled this wont be too big of a problem.

3) System Ram, 2x4GB G-Skill Ripjaws Dual Channel 1600mhz DDR3 Memory
Cant say i’ve used G-Skill ram before however this particular memory was on offer on amazon and had £20 off so ended up cheaper than other memory when factoring in P&P so i thought why not try, i couldnt see any problem posts on other peoples experiences when using the ram so here hopes all goes well.

4) CPU Cooler/Fan, a Noctua NH-L9I
First time i saw this was on the mfilos Amiga blog site, seems he did all the hard work for me in this area so i aquired the same model as i couldnt find anything better or more suitable.    (device mentioned here: http://www.mfilos.com/2014/08/x500-evo-stuffing-da-beast-part-2.html)

5) Storage Space, an OCZ Vertex 460 SSD
gain i found this particular item on offer, there wasnt any problem type threads or posts on various sites i checked with so ill give this a try, ill aquire a 2nd one if im happy with the performance of this device.

6) Other random or minor parts

I have various cables and addons either ordered or sat in a box somewhere gathering dust so it may be time to see what else of relevance i can stuff inside.  The first “must have” item which i am awaiting delivery from Canada is a joystick adaptor for C64/Amiga joysticks to PC USB, http://www.retronicdesign.com/en/specifications/ has a device which i will mount to the x500 case on the free VGA port which i wont be using for anything so i will be able to enjoy some retro emulated gaming using my old and preferred joysticks (Python2 and Comp Pro 5000).

Other pieces and parts i will mention once i fit them inside the x500 case, the urge to add lots of little bits here and there adding to the bloat of hardware inside is a factor i must remember to try and resist.

Next: The boring part, not using it but actually assembling it all…


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